By: Anthony Casanova, Post-Production Supervisor

So you’ve just approved the final draft of your video and we say we’re going to send your video to “color correction.”  What does that mean?

Many times it’s the small touches that lead to a “WOW!” versus a “that’s nice.” One of those touches is color correction (or “color grading”). Color correction allows us to boost, even out, add, subtract and manipulate color to make a final piece that really pops. Though you may be familiar with the many Instagram filters, our color correction goes a bit deeper.  Let’s take a look at a recent project that went through this process:

Before Color Correction

before color

This is a shot from a recent spot – this is right out of the camera.  Notice how everything looks generally dull and washed out.  That’s because we shoot everything as “flat” as we can.  We do that to retain as much color information as possible so later in the color correction phase we can pull out that detail to manipulate the image in any way we see fit, all the while not losing detail or degrading the quality of the image. Basically, we’re shooting it flat and letting the colorist “fix it in post.”

After Color Correction


Now that’s more like it!  We were able to get an amazing amount of detail and color back from the greenery, the red in the dog bowl and the scenery in the windows had been brought to life.  We also put masks (specified areas of color correction within the overall image)over the actors, including Chirp the Pug, to brighten up their faces. We surely would’ve heard from Chirp’s representation had we not (he was a bit of a Diva).

So there you have it – the next time you hear us say your video is in color correction – this is what we’re doing!