Welcome to our new blog.  I’m totally aware that this first post is usually how most blogs begin and end.  I promise this blog will not be that way.  So why are we starting up a blog?  Here’s a list of reasons (because I read somewhere that blog readers love lists):

  1. We just made you an awesome video – now what?  We want to share video SEO tips & tricks as well as best practices to get your video the views it deserves.
  2. We’ve pulled off some pretty incredible projects that were either super-challenging, had limited budget, or limited time (or a combination of all three) – we’d like to share these stories as case studies.  This way the next time you think an idea you have isn’t able to be made, you’ll call us first.
  3. There’s alot of fun stuff that happens behind-the-scenes and at the office – we’d like to give you a sneak peak at what goes on at Guy Bauer Productions.

So there you have it.  And because I also read somewhere that blog readers love pictures – here’s a picture of me on a shoot.

-Guy Bauer