Interviews are a great way to infuse a heavy dose of authenticity into your video. We love doing them as evidenced here and here. Interviews allow for the people who know your company best to guide the video’s story. Even the most clever copywriter in the world could never dream up what people will say in a natural interview.

That being said, we’ve all seen some pretty terrible interviews. I call them “stiff, staged & sweaty.” The common mistake people make is thinking that it’s the interviewee’s fault. “They’re just not good in front of a camera.” WRONG. Typically, it’s the interviewer’s fault. What most people don’t understand is that being interviewed is hard. There’s bright lights, people standing around eating snacks and the scariest thing of all: a camera pointed right at their face. If you take nothing else out of this article, please remember that if you simply empathize with your subject’s situation, your interviews will turn out way better.
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