By: Guy Bauer, CEO

Nothing grosses me out at a restaurant more than dust.  Once I see it I cannot get it out of my mind.  I imagine it swirling around through the restaurant’s air currents and onto my food.  So you could imagine my chagrin when I encountered a huge wad of dust at a popular sandwich shop recently.   It was piled on the order monitor hanging right above the area my sandwich was being made.  Gross.

The dust looked like it had accumulated over a considerable period of time.  But here’s the thing, the dust was on the BACK of the order monitor, so the person making the sandwiches was not able to see the dust – the dust was only viewable from the customer’s side of the counter.  It made me think, “How long has it been since a manager or ANYONE has gone through the ordering process themselves just to see how their team is doing?”  I know the answer, a really really really long time.

I had a revelation – as members of a team, it’s our duty to constantly be testing and sampling our own product.  Just because it’s right one day, doesn’t mean it’ll be right the next.  When was the last time you sampled your product, navigated through your website, called into the office on the main extension, or seen a transaction through from the customer’s point-of-view?