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MassMutual Trust Company


Guy Bauer

Jon Hamblin

Samantha Sartori

Production Designer
Megan Skye Gaudette

Anthony Casanova

Matthew Phillips

Sound Design
Grant Stakenas

Original Score
Daniel McCormick

An Emotional Sales Video

The MassMutual Trust Company sits inside MassMutual and provides comprehensive trust and fiduciary services.

What does that even mean?

It means if you’re a high net-worth individual, they can help you manage your investments and help with your overall estate plan. Then once you pass away they can act as your trustee to carry out your wishes.

OK got it. So how do we go from that to a story about a father and daughter – and a magic trick?

The Challenge

The MassMutual Trust Company was having a hard time explaining the importance of setting up a trust to their core audience (high net-worth individuals). They needed to arm their agents with a sales tool that could clearly explain why someone should want to set up a trust.

The Idea

Setting up a trust is really all about planning for the future. But if you go one level deeper, it’s about passing down your essence. Yes, your wealth is passed down – but along with the money comes your thoughts, knowledge, and values – because those are the things that made the wealth in the first place.

The idea came to us. This spot should not be about passing wealth down per se, it should be about passing down values and knowledge.

That’s where the coin trick comes in. The coin symbolizes wealth while the trick represents family knowledge. The container for all of it is narration by the father about important values his daughter must live by.

When you tie it all up, this spot works because it tells a simple story and elevates MassMutual’s services beyond just investments and wills.


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