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Say More By Saying Less

GereMarie is a growing aluminum machining company whose success is measured in millimeters and milliseconds. Their challenge was branching out, and appealing, to the aviation industry.

The Idea

We wanted to tell the story of a company with a culture that’s obsessed with the details, from design to workflow to logistics.

We decided very early on to get small instead of getting big. Meaning: focus on the little details that make GereMarie different than every other aluminum machine shop.

To tell that story, we did an off-camera interview with Jim Schultz, the founder, and then shot footage around the facility that matched up with his voiceover. This allowed the video to encapsulate Jim’s passion without making the video about him.

Color grading with shades of teal and orange give this video a cutting edge, positioning GereMarie as leaders of the future.


How We Did It


Great work starts with great creative. Whether it’s taking your creative to the next level, or working with you to craft the perfect story from scratch, we have the expertise to make it happen.


We pair up the perfect production team to execute your creative. Our team travels frequently and can work pretty much anywhere in the world. Our budgets typically start in the $25k range.


Our editors are wonderful storytellers, and it’s in post-production that everything comes together. We usually cut, animate, and finish (color & sound) all of our videos.

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