Deloitte Insights / Tap Into Opportunity

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The Challenge

Deloitte needed a video highlighting the features of their flagship Insights platform, which operates globally, touching nearly industry and providing users with valuable insights and analytics in the form of articles, infographics, podcasts, and videos. They wanted to highlight all of that in two minutes or less. Oh, and we only had four weeks to get it done.

Our Solution

We dove deep into the concept of insights, identifying the values of Deloitte’s audience. They had many motivations, but opportunity – finding it, being ready for it, and creating it – was the common denominator. We decided to show how the platform could lead to new opportunities rather than merely tell people about it. We featured voiceover from Deloitte’s CEO discussing opportunity paired with use cases in multiple industries across the globe, without ever leaving Chicago. That’s right – every international scene was filmed right here, proving that time and budget are no match for imagination and resourcefulness.