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Planting an Idea

Deloitte’s Consumer & Industrial Products (C&IP) division wanted a piece to motivate their staff to disrupt, to challenge the status quo, to change the way they think about what they do for a living.

But how do you do this without talking head interviews paired with stock footage of self-driving cars and that famous intersection in Tokyo?

The Idea

The audience, thousands of Deloitte practitioners, was expecting to hear “disruption” a million times. They are numb to corporate jargon, hearing white noise when anyone says “challenge the status quo.”

So how do you get through to these folks?

Our idea was to give the audience the feeling of disruption instead of hitting them over the head with the word. We needed to tell the story of someone disrupting his/her industry but not actually talk about disruption. The idea needed to enter the audience member’s brain naturally – almost pulling an Inception.

We started reading every business magazine and blog post to find our subject.

Enter Glenn Behrmann, the CEO of Growtainers. Glenn is disrupting the way farming has been done for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Check out his story and see if you’re motivated to change the way you think about your particular industry.


How We Did It


Great work starts with great creative. Whether it’s taking your creative to the next level, or working with you to craft the perfect story from scratch, we have the expertise to make it happen.


We pair up the perfect production team to execute your creative. Our team travels frequently and can work pretty much anywhere in the world. Our budgets typically start in the $25k range.


Our editors are wonderful storytellers, and it’s in post-production that everything comes together. We usually cut, animate, and finish (color & sound) all of our videos.

Let’s Talk

Let’s get those ideas out of your head and in front of your target audience!

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Specializing in visual storytelling, Guy Bauer is the go-to for brands that love pursuing and achieving awesome and loathe just checking the boxes.


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