PremiumBeat / Todd Blaine

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The Story

PremiumBeat is a household name to anyone who spends time working behind the scenes in video editing. It is the go-to source for royalty free music and sound effects and 99% of the videos in our repertoire have a PremiumBeat soundtrack tucked inside. In fact, most of our projects, at one point or another, send us to sift through their massive library of digital tracks so that we can capture the right sound bites for whatever bit of video we’re crafting at the moment.

But here’s the catch: PremiumBeat allows users to download an audio file and try it out in a video before officially buying the track. These trial tracks come with a kind of “watermark,” in this case: a male voiceover reading “PremiumBeat dot com” every few seconds.

Imagine four years spent working in the video editing studio, playing and replaying each segment to make sure everything is in order and listening to the dulcet tones of a mystery man reading “PremiumBeat dot com” hundreds of times a day…those voiceover watermarks begin to add up. And suddenly we found ourselves wondering about this mystery man we spent so much time with…who is the voice of PremiumBeat? What was his story?

So, an idea was born.