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Guy Bauer

Jon Hamblin

Kirstin Dorsch

Production Designer
Sam Kreps

Guy Bauer

Sound Design
Grant Stakenas


An Accidental Viral Video

We are big fans of and use their music in a TON of our productions. This idea came to us over an on-set lunch one day and we just had to make it. We produced this spot on spec and afterward actually became a real client!

What Does “On Spec” Mean?

It means we did it for fun (read: no money). As professionals in the video business, it’s important to keep our creative sword sharpened. This was one of those great opportunities when inspiration struck and we didn’t have much on our production calendar.

The Unexpected Outcome

On the day we posted the video we announced it on all of our platforms, and @ mentioned Two hours later we got a phone call from their marketing director saying the CEO loved the video.

Another two hours later we got another call, would we ever consider doing a paid project with PremiumBeat? Uh…yeah!

How This All Benefits Our Clients

We learned something very important with this project: it’s important to make content that’s actually good. Yeah, duh. But seriously. How often do we stop and think, “In the grand scheme of things, is this just something I’m making because I have to – or is this actually good.”

We run all of our projects through this macro, “good” lens. Because in the end, we’re making video content for real people to watch, not personas or demographics – people.


We were absolutely ecstatic when they shot us a tweet announcing the video.

Danny Greer
Marketing Director,

How We Did It


Great work starts with great creative. Whether it’s taking your creative to the next level, or working with you to craft the perfect story from scratch, we have the expertise to make it happen.


We pair up the perfect production team to execute your creative. Our team travels frequently and can work pretty much anywhere in the world. Our budgets typically start in the $25k range.


Our editors are wonderful storytellers, and it’s in post-production that everything comes together. We usually cut, animate, and finish (color & sound) all of our videos.

Let’s Talk

Let’s get those ideas out of your head and in front of your target audience!

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Specializing in visual storytelling, Guy Bauer is the go-to for brands that love pursuing and achieving awesome and loathe just checking the boxes.


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