Edward-Elmhurst Health / The Veteran

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The Challenge

Edward-Elmhurst Health wanted an internal video to help kick off their new patient experience initiative. They wanted to emphasize that every employee – from administrative staff to the surgery team – plays a significant role in creating a positive patient experience. Our challenge was to create something that would motivate employees to make a change in their patients’ lives and get them excited about the initiative.

Our Solution

We wanted to tell a story about the patient experience, and we wanted it to be real. So we asked our client if there were any exceptional cases of Edward-Elmhurst employees positively impacting patients. When we learned the story of Korean War veteran Peter Bury, we knew right away that this would resonate with our audience and exemplify excellent patient experiences. The Guy Bauer Solution resulted in an authentic, moving narrative that helped propel Edward-Elmhurt’s initiative forward.