Edward-Elmhurst Health / The Veteran


There are the videos that make you feel something. And then there are the videos that make you feel something.

We accomplished the latter when Edward-Elmhurst came to us for an internal video project—one that would be shown at an all-hands town hall style meeting where the CEO planned to unveil a new initiative regarding boosting the patient experience within their hospital system.

So many other agencies have tackled similar projects by going with a standard “talking head CEO video.” You’ve seen this before—the generic, warm, fuzzy videos featuring BRoll of smiling nurses and doctors caring for patients. But we wanted to push for something bigger. Something that would leave a lingering feeling even after the short video ended.

One of the things we do best is telling the micro story. By choosing to showcase one singular story about the patient experience, we in turn got the point across on a larger scale. In fact,  Don Hewitt from 60 minutes was famous for his approach of not doing stories about the broad issues, but rather zooming in on the people involved within those issues. Sometimes taking a narrower approach actually helps drive the bigger point home, and this was definitely one of those times.

To pull the project off, we asked our client if the hospital had any records of employees going above and beyond in the name of patient experience and…they did!  In fact, they keep regular records of such things, and the very first story our client told us was the story we ended up picking for this re-enactment.

Production took place over the course of two days, all on-location at Edward Hospital in Naperville.  Everyone in the film except the main character are all real hospital employees—some of whom were actually involved in the real story.

This film was a huge hit and not a dry eye was to be found in the audience. It was so impactful, that this “internal-use only” video has now been broadcasted externally. Again, such a stellar example of what happens when our clients are able to think outside the box with us!