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It’s not often an RFP turns into friendship, but with Elkay it did. Elkay issued an RFP stating a need for a series of videos that would feature a selection of their products and a brand film. As we started doing our research and studying their brand guide, we quickly realized that our missions as companies were very well aligned. Elkay has a commitment to authenticity, and they asked that every video feature an Elkay team member and that team member’s real family. We saw this as a strong stance in their commitment to their brand values. We respected it, and we knew just how to bring their values to life.

On pitch day we were thrilled to share our idea. Rather than breaking down the products by their features and writing a story around each one, we developed a series of family archetypes or personas. The process of writing the creative was, for our Creative Director, Ariana, like a trip down memory lane. Pulling from her own family memories and her favorite scenes from movies, she created 5 different stories of families in their kitchens and then matched those families with various Elkay products. As we so often do, we started with the people and their story, and found a way to work the products into stories that would make people feel something.

We knew that if we shot the stories in a beautiful and realistic way, we could pull the best moments from each family scenario and use those as the backdrop to a scripted brand film that would resonate with a wide audience, no matter which family people relate to. This is the story we told about their brand.



PROJECT DATE: December 2016

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