You’ve probably been approached by an ad salesperson before trying to sell you “banner ad space.” Even though you can pick from a variety of options, like sizes and page placement, that doesn’t mean a banner ad is the best use of your marketing budget.

Banner ads are usually rectangular static ads located at the top or side of a web page. A media seller aims to convince you that someone visiting a webpage will pay attention to your banner ad and then click on it. What happens after that is up to the ins and outs of your landing page, which is another story.

But when given the choice between spending your hard-earned media dollars on a banner ad or a video-type ad, what should you go with? Spoiler alert: NOT a banner ad.

According to, Video is now the fastest-growing ad format and now accounts for 35% of all spend going on display advertising.

Why? Well, as a general rule of thumb, “Content is King”. The richer the content, the more ROI on your ad spend. That said, an ad spend on a video placement will trump an ad spend on a banner ad whenever the two are positioned against each other.

This is because videos are true, branded content. You make a bigger impression with video compared to a banner ad. Additionally, studies have shown that target audiences ranging from Millennials to Generation X’ers are consuming video content at higher rates than ever. They prefer to see a story unfold dynamically—bonus if it’s mobile friendly, too—versus just staring at a static advertisement.

And that’s another thing. Banner ads tend to blend in with the existing look and feel of a webpage, which means it’ll be tough to detract a site’s visitor so that they actually look at and see your ad. There have even been eye tracking studies conducted by media powerhouse Nielsen that have shown a user’s eye does not, in fact, go directly to banner ads, and most of the time, they are only perceived from a peripheral sense.

So when given the choice between banner ads and videos, be sure to make the smarter choice—invest in video for a greater impact, bigger ROI, and a more lasting impression.

To be sure you are creating an impactful video ad, reach out to us and let’s have a conversation about the best way to tell your story.