By: Guy Bauer, Founder

The picture above is of our new “wing” at the office.  It will effectively double our current office size and allow us to expand our staff from 11 to 24.  It should be done by the first week of April, 2015.  I got in today and quietly stood in the new space and soaked it all in…then had a panic attack.

“Will we have enough business to sustain this new space?”

“Are we over-extended?”

“Is quality going to suffer as we add more people?”

“What the heck am I doing?”


After I rode out the panic, I remembered what got me us here.  Care.  When I started the company in 2010 I had no idea how to make videos professionally, never-mind actually run a business with a real staff and an office.  But I cared enough to read the business books, and get up early for shoots in Milwaukee, and fail, and learn, and plow through my savings, and get a mentor, and do a million other things that were hard but necessary.

The lesson: The next time you’re tired or deflated and want to quit, just remember the word care.  Care about making your clients happy, care about getting it right, care about doing the hard things.  Just care and you cannot fail.