We firmly believe that judging a video’s effectiveness on its view count is not a good idea. Here are a few reasons why:

For starters, the view count on our brand film is around 5,000 views. That is virtually nothing in the great scheme of things (hello, Despacito!?), but when you hold that up against our revenue from 2017, it equates to measurable ROI on each view. We’ll take it!

It also boils down to a simple lesson in quality over quantity. Think of it this way: if we create a video about our capabilities, we’d rather get 100 of our most valuable potential customers watching our brand film instead of 1,000,000 random viewers who have no use for our services.

Like any commercial, movie, or TV show, your company’s video isn’t going to be something that speaks to everyone. In fact, it shouldn’t be. When producing marketing collateral, you need to think about speaking only to your target audience. That’s the first step.

The second step is to not be afraid of leaving everyone else out.

This is a hard pill to swallow for those who believe they have a service or product that everyone can benefit from. For example, our brand film speaks directly to our most valuable customer, who we have identified as:

· 28 years old

· Female

· Marketing manager

· Works in a mid-market company.

· Has never made a video before

· Likes beer

Our most valuable customer

When you get this hyper-focused about who your customer really is, we can create something that speaks directly to them; the person who is really giving you the sale. And if for some reason your content goes to someone who isn’t the decision-maker or interested in the services, we’ll still be creating a compelling story that’s interesting to watch so that in time, or when a friend of theirs is looking for a service like yours, they’ll remember to contact you.

So remember: the key is not so much in accumulating view counts, but rather in focusing on getting the right people to watch your video by identifying who exactly you want to speak to.