Get a video that looks like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks.

Video production

Our company was formed during the Great Recession, out of a single $50 project. When you crawl out from the proverbial bottom, you have to think differently.

We don’t do it the “right way.” Seriously. Our cinematographer knows how to do audio. Our producer knows how to prop out a scene. This is how we roll.

While we’ve adopted a few industry best practices (mainly around on-set safety), the roots of our company are cemented in not doing it the right way, but rather the smart way. This means we take time to actually think about how we’ll execute a production, instead of just rushing to bill for a doohickey or extra crew.

So what does this all mean for you?

It means we’re not the cheapest shop in town, but pound for pound, we deliver the most bang for your buck. We don’t deliver value by cutting corners – we deliver value by taking a few minutes to just think about how to do a shot before doing it. It’s exchanging thinking time for crew, equipment or locations that aren’t needed.

External and internal feedback has been positive. We showed the video at our signature gala with about 500 alumni and donors present. It sparked great applause, and everyone loved it. review

We make work that works.

Our videos help clients clarify their message so they can gain more customers. We eliminate ambiguity through emotion, not explanations. 

We typically do this through branded content, brand anthems, mini-documentaries and entertaining commercials.

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About us

Specializing in visual storytelling, Guy Bauer is the go-to for brands that love pursuing and achieving awesome and loathe just checking the boxes.


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