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This is where the real magic happens. It’s in post-production that the video gets its heartbeat. It’s here that all of the little pieces come together to form something amazing – kind of like Voltron.

All pretentious writing aside, post-production is super important. It combines elements including pacing, color, sound, and a million other things together to tell a story that makes sense and does its job.

Our philosophy is that our editors, motion graphics folks, colorists and sound designers are the final creatives – the ones injecting passion and humanity into the videos that give them that heartbeat.

Practically speaking, post-production is usually a breeze since we go through pretty exhaustive creative cycles. And because we’re so prepared going into post, our editors have time to flex their creative muscles, which leads to videos that are even better than we imagined.

We’ve taken the time to expertly curate our roster of editors, graphic artists, colorists and sound designers. That means you get work that works.

Editing was phenomenal. [They] had a talent for picking the right quotes and putting them against beautiful panoramic shots and great lighting. review

We make work that works.

Our videos help clients clarify their message so they can gain more customers. We eliminate ambiguity through emotion, not explanations. 

We typically do this through branded content, brand anthems, mini-documentaries and entertaining commercials.

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