Great video starts with great creative.

Creative for video

A big mistake we see people make is rushing this step in the video production process. Think about it this way: does a doctor ever do an operation before conducting lab tests and scans to ensure a proper diagnosis and thorough plan for surgery?

The creative phase should actually dominate the video’s production timeline. During this phase, we’re identifying your marketing goals and objectives, doing competitive research, formulating concepts, writing scripts and developing mood boards and storyboards. We’re essentially making the video on paper before making it in the real world.


Because it’s way easier (and cheaper) to properly think about the creative of the video than to make a video that doesn’t really work, and then try to revise our way out of a half-baked idea.

Our creative philosophy revolves around producing entertaining videos that do a job. We really believe both of those elements need to be present to activate your audience.

We push our clients to take measured creative risks and really hate doing “normal” work. (Hint: if you want “normal,” you’ve come to the wrong place).

You’re only on this planet for a short period of time. You should leave a mark and make something meaningful. We can help.

The videos are actually interesting to watch. There’s a real cinematic value… review

We make work that works.

Our videos help clients clarify their message so they can gain more customers. We eliminate ambiguity through emotion, not explanations. 

We typically do this through branded content, brand anthems, mini-documentaries and entertaining commercials.

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