Client Pitfall: Surprise the Boss

Waiting for a big reveal to bring in final approvers could be the kiss of death for your video project.

Experience has taught us that more often than not, the project manager on a video production is not the person with the power to grant final approval. That means that the final decision maker or group of final approvers who can sign off of the project need to be included by the project manager – but when? And how?
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Creativity Hijackers

Creativity is not for the fainthearted. Embarking on an innovative project or cutting-edge concept involves charting new territory and we can almost guarantee that, at some point along the way, your comfortable cruising altitude will be rudely interrupted by gut-wrenching turbulence. You’ll start looking for the nearest exit, lock your grandmother’s rosary in a sweaty-palm death-grip, and repent ever having embarked on this video production voyage.
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Client Pitfall: Scripted

Whether we’re interviewing employees, insiders, top management, or third parties – everyone initially balks at the idea of unscripted on-camera interviews. What should I say? What should I talk about? Can’t you just give me a script so I can get it right? Wrong. It’s natural to feel camera-shy and to reach for a script as though it were a life raft. But experience has taught us that this supposed life raft is the fastest way to sink your project’s authenticity, originality, and pizzazz.

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