How to hack your customer’s brain through video

The title to this article reads much more sinister than it really is. But here’s the point, outside of a Matrix-like port to the back of your prospect’s brain, video could be the best and most efficient method for getting your message into your prospect’s mind. In this article I’ll attempt to break down the science of hacking your customer’s brain through video.

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Sometimes you should just sell the steak

“Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle” is a classic sales line. In other words, people don’t care about your product, they care about what it does for them. People don’t buy a TV, they buy entertainment. They don’t buy a Rolex watch, they buy the feeling of prestige.

You get it.

I agree with this line 99% of the time – except when I don’t: when selling the steak is actually juicier than the sizzle.

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