A few notes about that “Rush Project”

Fire drills. Hot projects. Rush jobs.

Whatever you want to call them, we’ve all had to deal with quick turnarounds before. Whether needing the project for your own business or company, or being on the client side required to produce the short-lead project, it can be a stressful time for sure.
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On the Inside: From One Guy Bauer Client to Another

Tips and tricks from the team behind the Sargent & Lundy video production

At Sargent & Lundy, a power engineering services company, from hallways to after-work hangouts, employee culture thrives. As the Human Resource team strolled through recruiting events and scrolled through competitors’ websites, it became clear that Sargent & Lundy was a growing company that had all the pieces but one: a video to showcase what life was like on the inside.
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