Opal Enterprises is a Chicago remodeler who approached us to conceive and produce a suite of TV commercials in the summer of 2016.  Our creative team figured the presidential election would be a super relevant topic to glob onto, but how?

Our idea was to hit TV viewers who had negative political ad fatigue with the unexpected: a funny, positive, and pointless political ad.  We devised a suite of 8 spots, each :15 long, so Opal could bookend spotsets.  How did they do?  Here’s a message they received on their website:

I don’t need roofing or windows, but I just saw your “pointless” commercial on CNN and absolutely loved it! We need so much more of that! Effective, too, as it got me to your site when I am never triggered by other commercials! Give your marketing people raises!

Opal also posted to social and saw an immediate spike in engagement.  Here are a couple of screengrabs from their Facebook they shared with us.

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Here’s one more spot before you go: