No two days in a row at Guy Bauer are the same. That is part of what makes our company culture so exciting! One minute, you may be firing off a client email, the next you may be asked to step in as an extra, or to join us in the kitchen for an impromptu potluck, or to shut your computer down early, because we’re all going to the Sox game.

But to get an idea of what a random “Day In The Guy Bauer Life” is like working in our Chicago shop, we thought we’d chronicle one of our producers, Susie Shipley.

At the time we bugged her for this information, she was actually in the process of being styled by another producer for an acting role. The two of them spent a few hours at Nordstrom Rack to pick out suitable clothing options (rough life, right?) and held an impromptu fashion show to choose the best look for the clips.

Even though “weird stuff like that” happens every day Susie said, there are more consistent aspects of the job. Some of those items include:

Meetings Galore

  • These aren’t your ordinary, mind-numbing snooze fests, though. Creative collaboration, pre-production, post-production, feedback reviews, project kickoffs, casting sessions, and script reviews are all subjects over which we convene.

Perfecting the “white glove treatment”

  • Unlike other production companies, we bring our clients in as much as possible (or as much as they want). We have them on set, come into our offices for reviews, and of course we hold lots of phone calls with them throughout the process.

Watching videos…LOTS of videos

  • Animations, live action, you name it. We watch a lot of videos all day long. And then we watch them again and again and again to make sure all the changes have been made and that they are perfect before they go to the client for review.


  • Bet you didn’t know we do all of our own casting! That includes interviewing actors, location scouting, and even wardrobe and prop styling.


  • We keep organized by making and adhering to schedules. These include pre/post/day of shoot schedules. Of course schedules change, and so we re-make them and resend them and then they change again…and we do it all over.

Life on set

  • When on set, we run around to make sure everything stays on schedule and goes smoothly. This means that all the crew and talent show up on time and perform well and get fed. We also make sure our clients are happy and feel the love.

As you can see, things at Guy Bauer Productions hardly resemble an ordinary 9 to 5. Susie says it best by summing things up with: “Sometimes I wonder why I got a degree in marketing, when some days the biggest part of my job is purchasing flooring and 4×4’s at Home Depot.”

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