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We’re a clever and creative full-service video production company in Chicago. We make work that works.

Why you should work with us

We Listen

First of all, making amazing work starts with understanding your unique business goals and challenges. Because of this, the first step in our process is not us pitching work, it’s being quiet and getting to know you and your brand. We’re a Chicago video production company but we’re listeners at heart.

We’re Creative

Unlike traditional video production companies, we have an in-house creative team comprised of creative directors and ad agency veterans who can convert your business goals into creative concepts that work. Therefore you’re not going to have to write and direct your own video, we’ll do it for you!

Our Work Works

Finally, you’ve come to us for one reason: Get more (insert your reason here). We get it. An awesome looking video is worthless if it doesn’t drive business results. That’s why we invest so heavily in our in-house strategic and creative team to craft clever and unique solutions that get the job done.


Creative Design

You don’t need to come to us with a fully baked idea.  We can start with your campaign goals and whip up a fantastic concept from scratch.


Your target audience makes decisions based on their emotions, so we craft videos that make people feel something.


Shooting a great story is one thing, putting it all together is another.  Story is what drives us throughout the post-production process.

Animation & VFX

We have an in-house staff of graphic designers, animators and visual effects artists that can bring anything to life.


A video isn’t complete until our colorist, VFX artist and sound designer put the finishing touches on your project.


Most of all, a great video does nothing if it’s not released, optimized and promoted properly.  We can help you get (the right) eyeballs on your video.

Need to make a video? Watch this.

Our Process

At Guy Bauer, we’re all about making our clients successful. We do that through video production of course, but also through collaboration, meeting, even exceeding expectations and open communication. Oh, and we also answer emails and calls on time, how about that for a creative studio!

Let Sam, our animator, take you on a journey through our process.

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